D.J. Bott - Spring 2014


I have endured a lot of emotional pain and internal suffering, and it has always been hard for me to appreciate what was in front of me.  My artwork addresses these personal issues, while also serving as my own personal recovery process, as well as illuminating issues that relate to the queer community, as well as abusive relationships. Digital typography is the main form that I use in my pieces, combining my graphic design skills with my poetry skills to create a concrete, bittersweet experience, one that tells a universal story, across many printmaking mediums, such as lithography, screen printing, and intaglio.  My work not only deals with contrast as a design element, but also as a concept--the darker, sharper pieces emphasize the lighter, playful pieces, and vice versa.  My pieces are constantly exploring something new, and observers are learning along with me.

– D.J. Bott (djbott.squarespace.com)