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October 27, 2014 - Keeping it Clean

Dearest Sexi Sami,

I’ve been having sex with my partner for a few weeks now and we’ve just started using a strap-on. Neither one of us have owned a toy before so we are a little clueless about how to keep it clean. I’m not sure if we should be washing it between using it on each other or not. Can you clarify the do’s and dont’s of dildos?

Signed, Strapped for Answers

Sexi Sami Sez, I’m delighted that you’ve opened your toy chest and begun exploring the exciting world of strap-ons, dildos and vibrators! Sexi Sami gets incredibly slippery when toys are thrown into the mix and encourages anyone who is curious about sex toys to check out some shops downtown like Camouflage and Pure Pleasure, which both provide a wide selection of toys to browse through. These shops are safe spaces to ask questions about queer sex!

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If you have any feedback or additional resources to share with Sexi Sami, please e-mail them at

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