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Evaluations for Transgender Services at the UCSC Student Health Center

As a student who identifies as part of the transgender community, you have all the stressors of other students at UCSC, however, you may also be coping with discrimination, effects of hormones and passing. At the UCSC Student Health Center we want you to know that we care about your health and safety and are sensitive to how hard it can be to access care. We believe everyone has a right to be treated with care and respect. We encourage you to be open and honest with us so we can assist you in getting the best care possible.

UC SHIP has transgender insurance benefits which include both hormones and surgical reassignment surgery. UC-sponsored medical plans that cover transgender benefits will no longer impose a lifetime dollar limit on benefits beginning Jan. 1, 2014. Currently Health Net Blue & Gold, Kaiser Permanente and Western Health Advantage provide benefits up to $75,000 over a person’s lifetime. The new Blue Shield Health Savings Plan and UC Care will also cover these benefits without a lifetime limit. Core does not cover transgender benefits.

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about these services:


Can I begin transgender transition services at the UCSC Student Health Center?

Students who are interested in beginning hormones may begin by making an appointment with Medical Practitioners with experience in evaluation for hormonal reassignment. Please contact our appointment scheduler at 831-459-2500. Not all of our staff provide this service and our appointment staff can help you find the right practitioner. Several visits are involved which will include a physical exam, laboratory studies and evaluation. Most will be referred off-campus to get written support from a psychologist trained in transition issues. Students may also wish to contact the Lionel Cantu GLBTI Resource Center for support and information.

After the initial visits, exam, labs, and letter of readiness are complete, the student will be referred off-campus to initiate hormones. When the counseling about the hormones is complete and a stable dose has been established, a student may return to on-campus medical practitioners for on-going monitoring and prescribing.

Can I continue transgender services at the UCSC Student Health Center?

If you have been started on hormones elsewhere, having your records sent to UCSC before you are seen will facilitate continuation by our Medical Staff at UCSC. We generally require the psychological evaluation as well as any physical exam records and labs. Students continuing on hormones also call the appointment scheduler at 831-459-2500 (as above) when documentation has arrived and is complete.


How can I access the surgical benefit for UC SHIP for surgical reassignment of gender?

Students who are interested in surgery need to be referred to specialists off campus. Currently, in order to seek insurance coverage through our insurance, a letter from two medical and/or mental health professionals is needed. The procedures and protocols to access surgery largely follow the WPATH requirements currently, although flexibility for safety issues and to being able to pass are being considered. All surgery must be preauthorized by the insurance underwriter, Anthem Blue Cross, before being approved.

This information is published from: University of California at Santa Cruz Student Health Services, HC: 896 (10/11) TRANS info Health Education)


The UCSC Health Center is accepting of transgender students/patients and the staff can be considered friendly and supportive. The center has doctors that can prescribe hormones. The doctors with known transgender experience are:

Elizabeth Hyde, FNP 

Edward Drew Malloy, MD

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