The Cantú Queer Center offers a multitude of services and resources for the campus community. Scroll down to read more about the services we provide through our center.

    Clothing Closet

  • The Cantú Clothing Closet is a resource for queer and trans students at UCSC to access clothing and accessories, including shirts, skirts, shoes, chest binders, tucking underwear, bags, and hats, free of cost. The intention of the Clothing Closet is to provide trans, gender non-conforming, and queer students with the freedom to comfortably find clothing that reflects their gender expression without the discomfort of shopping in a traditional clothing store. 


    Thank you for supporting us!

    To learn more about the Cantú Clothing Closet, watch the video below: 

  • Food Pantry

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    The Cantú Food Pantry was designed for all hungry students on campus, and specifically with queer and trans students in mind. We offer a self-service pantry stocked with food staples as well as snacks, refrigerated and frozen items. We also welcome and appreciate donations of Capri Suns, Small Chip Bags, Granola Bars, and Ramen!

    The food pantry hours for the Fall are:

    Tuesday through Friday 10am-5pm

  • Sexual and Menstrual Health Pantry

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    The Sexual and Menstrual Health Pantry is available at no cost for all students who visit the Lionel Cantú Queer Resource Center.

    Some of the free resources provided in the SMHP include condoms, lube, tampons, pads, dental dams, covid antigen tests, toothpaste and brushes, deoderant, sterile gloves, cough drops, and information on healthy hygine and sexual practices. Students can suggest new items for the pantry by writing requests on the resource tracking form located inside the SMHP.

    Located in our center's All-Gender-Restroom.

    Open during Regular Center Hours

  • Queer & Trans Library

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    The mission of our Queer and Trans Library is to facilitate the ability of students to browse books about Queer and Trans life in a community they know will be caring and supportive. 

    Our Queer and Trans Library presents students an opportunity to expand their social imaginations of what it might mean to be Queer and Trans, and makes visibile the importance of Queer and Trans stories in informing the creation of our own life stories. Our library accomplishes this goal by curating text with characters, histories, and worldviews that resonate with our students. This allows our library to provide LGBTQ+ students with fictional and real possibility models. In addition, Our library tells students that their stories are important.

    Our library also invites allies, accomplices, and folks who are just looking to learn, a space to grow their understanding of Queer and Trans history, culture, and expression outside of the classroom.

    Over 300 books are available for loan, ranging from non-fiction, fiction, LGBTQ+ history, biography, mystery, anthology, short story, manga, picture and comic books, AIDS History, religion, Queer media representation, QTBIPOC written works, poetry, 'zines, and more.

    Stop by to see which titles peak your queer imagination!

    Open during Regular Center Hours

  • Little Outdoor Library

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    The Lionel Cantú Queer Center's "Little Library" doubles as UCSC's first 24 hour food pantry and hygine access library. Giving out snacks, along with sexual and menstrual health products, our Little Library hopes to serve any student seeking food or sexual/menstrual hygine access on campus, whenever the need arises. 

    Our Little Library consists of a small but mighty wooden cupboard, with the top drawer holding sexual and menstrual health supplies, and the bottom drawer containing snacks like trail mix, ramen, chips, and capri suns. Our Little Library also has a sign-out sheet where students can report what they recieved in order for us to restock appropriately, add in new items that students request, and continue to expand the resource as student utilization increases.

    This resource is located outside the front door of the Lionel Cantú Queer Resource Center.

    Open 24/7

    Check out our Little Library Song on TikTok

    @cantuqueercenter Little Library Crew is here to serve you 🌈🥳🤪 special thanks to Gaby for our amazing jingle! #ucsc #queer #center #resources #library #menstrual #snacks #queercenter #love #jingle ♬ original sound - Cantu Queer Center

  • Study Space

  • Our center is a space for you to come and study! We have outlets and comfy couches for you to study with your friends or make new friends. 

    Open during Regular Center Hours

    Also, check out our study spots on campus map we've created for you! 



  • Lectures & Trainings

  • The Cantú Center's staff is available to give guest lectures and trainings on LGBTQIA+ topics to classrooms, residential halls, and other campus units. For more information about requesting a training, please contact