The Cantú Queer Center offers a multitude of services and resources for the campus community. Scroll down to read more about the services we provide through our center.

    Clothing Closet

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    The Cantú Clothing Closet is a resource for queer and trans students at UCSC to access clothing and accessories, including shoes, bags, hats, and jewelry, free of cost. The intention of the Clothing Closet is to provide trans, gender non-conforming, and queer students with the freedom to comfortably find clothing that reflects their gender expression without the discomfort of shopping in a traditional clothing store. 


    Thank you for supporting us!

    To learn more about the Cantú Clothing Closet, watch the video below: 

  • Food Pantry

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    The Cantú Food Pantry was designed for all hungry students on campus, and specifically with queer and trans students in mind. We offer a self-service pantry stocked with food staples as well as snacks, refrigerated and frozen items. We also welcome and appreciate donations!

    The food pantry is currently open from Tuesday through Friday 10:00am-4:00pm. 

  • Study Space

  • The Cantú Queer Center is an open study space that all students are welcome to utilize. We have WiFi so feel free to bring your laptop, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and settle into one of our comfy couches to study.

  • Lectures & Trainings

  • The Cantú Center's staff is available to give guest lectures and trainings on LGBTQIA+ topics to classrooms, residential halls, and other campus units. For more information about requesting a training, please refer to the Request a Training page on our website.

  • Event Space

  • The Cantú Center is available to faculty, staff, and student groups for meetings and other gatherings. The space has a comfortable lounge area, a restroom, and a campus certified kitchen. Fill out our space reservation form here