The Cantú Queer Center is nothing without the hard work and dedication of our staff, interns, and volunteers. Scroll down to read more about our team! 




    mx. delfin w. bautista, MSW, MDiv, Director

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    Sign: Virgo Sun 🌞; Scorpio Moon🌙; Libra Rising🌟

    Pronouns: They/Elles/delfín

    delfín is a social worker, writer, activist theologian, and diversity educator.  Originally from Hialeah, FL, delfín is of Cuban and Salvadoran heritage.  delfín has a Master in Divinity from Yale University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania.  A queer and trans Latinx diva of faith and spirit, delfín is passionate about intersectional justice and resilience, especially around the experiences of queer and trans people of color.  Currently, delfín is part of the faculty and planning teams for Campus Pride's Advisor Academy and Camp Pride and is involved with different LGBTQIA2S+ faith based organizations including DignityUSA, Soulforce, Queer Christian Fellowship, and enfleshed.  delfín enjoys cooking, eating, writing, cartoons, coloring, theologizing, spending time with their beloved, and queerly queering where no queer has queered before. 

  • Koda, Graduate Education Coordinator

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    Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

    Sign: Aries sun 🌞

    My name is Koda, and I use they/them pronouns. I work at the Cantú as the Graduate Education Coordinator, and I'm a second-year Ph.D. student in the Sociology department. My research focuses on the intersection of trans studies and affect studies; I work with trans and gender non-conforming young people to write about how gender emerges from our dynamic relationships with each other, places, and things. At the Cantú, I work to support the undergraduate interns and create programming to build community among queer and trans graduate students. I'm an Aries sun / 9w8 on the enneagram, and I can generally be found crafting, thinking of karaoke songs to sing, or dancing badly.

  • Alejandro Carmona, Programs and Advocacy Intern

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    Pronouns: He/Him/Él

    Sign: Virgo Sun 🌞, Libra Moon 🌙, Virgo Rising 🌟

    Hola, my name is Alejandro. I am an academic coyote, a first-generation Indigenous Mexica who's a proud transfer student. I'm a first year majoring in Education, Democracy and Justice. I was raised in the San Joaquin County, where I was fortunate to be surrounded by all types of beautiful agriculture. I am fascinated with learning and discovering new things. On my off time, when I am not saving the world around me, I'm either crossfitting, hiking, and cooking.  

  • Z Kaiyan, Programs and Advocacy Intern

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    Sign: Taurus Sun 🌞; Scorpio Moon🌙; Leo Rising🌟

    Pronouns: They/She

    Heyo! I’m Z, a 3rd year education major and programs intern here at the Cantú! I’m from Maui Hawaii and I have a cute pitbull named Lexa! If you want to talk woodworking, dog parenting, video games, education, or exploring gender and sexuality feel free to say hi! I am always looking to meet new people and have more friends, so don’t be shy!!

  • Camila Alvarado, Programs and Advocacy Intern

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    Sign: Aries Sun 🌞; Aquarius Moon🌙; Libra Rising🌟

    Pronouns: They/She

    Hey! My name is Camila and I am one of the programs and Advocacy Interns at the Cantú. I am a third year HAVC & Art double major and this is my second year as a Cantú intern. I love to paint, talk about performance art, my cat Bernie, and I am everything good you have heard about an Aries (lol).

  • Malena Ronga, Front Desk Intern

  • malena

    Sign: Capricorn Sun 🌞; Gemini Moon🌙; Capricorn Rising🌟

    Pronouns: She/They

    Hey :) My name is Malena and I am a third year here at UCSC! I am majoring in both community studies and psychology. I'm originally from Palmdale, CA, but I am currently living in Santa Cruz. I love astrology and meeting people's pets, so feel free to share pet stories and pictures with me!!

  • Isabel Flores, Front Desk Intern

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    Sign: Taurus Sun 🌞; Capricorn Moon🌙; Gemini Rising🌟

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hi! I am Isa and I am one of the front desk interns. I am a second-year majoring in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (please reach out if you're also a CRES major, I'd love to chat!) I am super passionate about social justice and joy as resistance! When I have time to chill, I like to read, garden, cook, and bake. I also love talking about food so please give me restaurant recommendations!

  • Elíah Tumalan, Digital Media Intern

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    Sign: Sagittarius Sun 🌞; Aries Moon🌙; Gemini Rising🌟

    Pronouns: She/They/Any

    Hi! My name is Elíah and I am a Digital Media Intern at the Cantú. I am a pansexual femme of Mexican and Jewish heritage and was raised in the Bay Area. Because of my passion for social justice and the arts I am pursuing a Sociology major with a minor in Film and Digital Media. I am interested in learning about topics surrounding intersectional feminism, environmental racism as well as collective consciousness. Overall, I am super excited to continue supporting and learning from the richness of the queer community on campus this year!