GALA Gallery

The GALA Gallery was named in honor of the proud pioneers who founded UCSC's Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GALA) in October 1975. As the first group for gay, lesbian, bi, and trans* students, faculty, and staff at UCSC, GALA helped bring queer people out of their campus closets and into this redwood building to build solidarity and advocate for equal rights. To find out more about the history of UC Santa Cruz's queer activists, you may borrow or purchase the book "Out in the Redwoods" from the Cantu Queer Center's library.

While the GALA Gallery at the Cantú Queer Center generally features exhibits by UCSC students, staff, faculty, and alumni, all interested artists are welcome to contact us. If you would like to have your work displayed in the gallery, please contact us at with the subject headline “GALA Gallery Exhibit Interest”.

If you are interested in purchasing an art piece from the GALA Gallery, please contact us at with the subject headline “GALA Gallery Purchase Interest”.

A special GALA Gallery Fund was established in 2013 by UCSC alumnus and photographer, Jerry Ruiz. This fund provides financial support for artist receptions, exhibit supplies, and for the gallery's student curator. If you would like to contribute to the GALA Gallery Fund, please contact the Cantú Queer Center at

GALA Gallery Fund 

Please consider contributing to the GALA Gallery Fund. By contributing to the GALA gallery you will assure that student, faculty, staff, alumni, and community artists can exhibit their work at the Cantú Queer Center in the future. Funds are dedicated to art and exhibit supplies, publicity materials, artists' receptions, and the wages for our GALA Gallery Student Curator. As this fund grows, we hope to provide stipends for our student artists.

"I support the Cantú Resource Center’s GALA Gallery fund for several principal reasons.  First, GALA was founded while I was an undergraduate student at UC Santa Cruz and it is only fitting that I can help support a gallery honoring the contributions of these pioneers. Second, I strongly believe it is our responsibility as alumni to ensure that campus resource centers have adequate funding to provide much-needed services for current students at UC Santa Cruz. Third, and most important, as an alumnus who dabbles in the arts, it is vital that the Cantú Resource Center always be able to showcase the creative talents of our UC Santa Cruz students, staff, faculty and alumni, not only for the pride it instills in an artist whose works are displayed but also for fostering the engagement of and interaction between UCSC alumni, current students and the campus." ~Jerry Ruiz (Crown, 1977)