Cantú Interns

The Cantú Queer Center welcomes students of all identities to join our staff. Intern applications are available during the spring quarter of every academic year. Students may appiy via the Career Center's Employee Request System


The center's budget allows for a small staff of student interns. Interns are vital to the smooth functioning of the center. The library, QConnect weekly newsletter, reception, outreach tabling, website editing, programs, and publicity are some of the many projects interns focus on. Intern hours range from six to ten per week. When positions are open, they are posted on the Career Center website and are announced in QConnect. We give priority to workstudy eligible interns who can make a one year commitment.

Our interns not only serve the community, but they serve looks™ too.

    Marz V. (they/them)

  • No alternative textHey ya'll I'm Marz. I go by they/them pronouns. I'm the Lead Programs & Events Intern at the Cantú. I'm a fourth year majoring in Sociology.  In my Sociology major I want to focus primarily in gender and sexuality but more exclusively with bisexual identified folks and also gender queer folks. While working at the Cantú I want to outreach to the LGBTQQIA+ communities here on campus, the local community and the larger UC system. If you ever wanna talk about moods, piercings & tattoos, life, or just weird and random stuff come find me at the Cantú or walking around Kresge. BTW my sun sign is Sagittarius, both my rising and moon signs are Cancer. I hope to see ya'll at the Cantú!  

  • Jamie (they/them)

  • No alternative textHi, I'm Jamie! They/them femme and champion/poster child of femme tops' rights. I'm the Programs & Community Engagement Intern at the Cantú and a 4th-year Politics major. My work at the Cantú primarily involves expanding the resources our Center currently offers, as well as implementing new ones to better meet the needs of queer students. I also incorporate this focus in our programming and events, to engage with the campus community holistically and with intentionality. I'm a Gemini sun/Virgo moon/Libra rising, so you know I love to talk; I'm passionate about astrology, theory/critical studies, and aesthetics. Catch me drawing attention to myself in a technicolor fit and a pair of platform heels <3 

  • Ivy (they/them)

  • No alternative textMy name is Ivy, and I use they/them pronouns. I work at the Cantú as the Graduate Education Coordinator, and I'm a first-year PhD student in the sociology department. My research focuses on the experiences of queer and trans young people in educational institutions, and the lessons schools (implicitly and explicitly) teach about gender. At the Cantú, I work to support the undergraduate interns and create programming to build community among queer and trans graduate students. I'm an aries sun / 9w8 on the enneagram, and I can generally be found crafting, snacking, or reading in a corner.