Our Mission

Our Mission:

The Cantú Queer Center at UC Santa Cruz exists to provide an open, inclusive, intersectional and brave space, promoting education about all genders and sexualities, and empowering self-exploration of these identities. We serve as a resource to LGBTQQIA students by providing opportunities for leadership and personal development by creating programs and services that work to eliminate heterosexism, bi-phobia, and gender-identity oppression. We strive to develop an atmosphere of acceptance and well-being from which the campus community can fulfill the academic mission of the university.

Besides the Cantú Queer Center, there are two queer spaces on campus tucked within McHenry Library: the GLBTI Reading Room on the 4th Floor, and the Gloria Anzaldua Reading Room on the 3rd Floor. Both spaces have beautiful displays that will make you feel at home. You may always drop by and use these rooms if they are available. It's also possible to reserve the rooms for individual or group use.
Here's a great article about how UCSC supports its queer-identified and questioning students.