Services at the Cantú Queer Center

Advising and Referrals: Students may drop-in to the Cantú Queer Center to get support from Center staff for any academic, social, or psychological issues. The Center is a 'safe space' for queer and allied students and a first stop for referrals to other campus services.

Campus Collaborations: The Lionel Cantú Queer Center works in close collaboration with a range of groups including the Ethnic Resource Centers; Women's Center; EOP; SOAR; student government; the Graduate Student Association; SHOP; all ten Colleges; the Alumni Association, and many others. These active working relationships create a web of support for LGBTQ students campus wide.

Community Collaborations: Center staff does outreach to the off-campus LGBTQ community and works particularly closely with LGBTQ community organizations such as Triangle Speakers, the Diversity Center, the Queer Youth Leadership Awards, and Family Services Rainbow Program.

Facility Use: The Center is available to faculty, staff and student groups for meetings and other gatherings. The space has a comfortable lounge area, a restroom, and campus certified kitchen. Fill out our space reservation form here and we will follow-up via email. 

GALA Gallery: The Center welcomes student and community artists to exhibit their work in the Center's gallery. The center's student curator will work with artists to hang their show, and will help with publicity. The center sponsors a reception for all exhibits.

Information Hub: Qconnect is the center's weekly e-newsletter. Students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members may self-subscribe here. The Center posts activities on its Facebook account here

Library: The Center's library has more than 2,500 LGBTQ books and over 250 DVD's in its collection. Library holdings are now searchable from the Center's web site. Books may be checked out; DVD’s may be viewed on the Center’s big screen TV.

Study Center: The Cantú Queer Center has WiFi so, bring your laptop, make yourself a cup of tea, and settle in to one of our comfy couches or work stations and start studying.

Training and Lectures: Center staff are available to give guest lectures and trainings on LGBTQ topics to classrooms, residential halls, other campus units, and as well as community groups. Please contact us at least 2 weeks in advance.