Cantú Interns

The Cantú Queer Center welcomes students of all identities to join our staff. Intern applications are available during the spring quarter of every academic year. Students may appiy via the Career Center's Employee Request System


The center's budget allows for a small staff of student interns. Interns are vital to the smooth functioning of the center. The library, QConnect weekly e-news, reception, outreach tabling, website editing, programs, and publicity are some of the many projects interns focus on. Intern hours range from six to ten per week. When positions are open, they are posted on the Career Center website and are announced in QConnect. We give priority to workstudy eligible interns who are able to make a one year commitment.


  • No alternative text
    Satveer is one of the LGBTQ+ Peer Education Program CUIP Interns. They're a double major in psychology and literature. They are a Taurus to a capital T and are very SassiveAggressive. You can usually find them being petty as praxis or tagging people in memes on Facebook. Come say hi to them and talk to them about critical theory, queer poetry and literature, or Bollywood movies. 

  • Mary

  • No alternative textHello! My name is Mary and I use she/her pronouns. I'm an office coordinator here at the Cantú! I'm a second-year Crown affiliate studying biology. When I'm not busy I love playing video games, reading, making and drinking coffee, and listening to podcasts. Feel free to talk to me about any of those things!

  • Nicole

  • No alternative textHi! I'm Nicole (she/her), the Cantu's new graphic design intern. I am a third year Computer Science major, and outside of class I take part in women's rugby, Student Union Assembly, and MESH (Mixed Ethnicity Student Headquarters). I enjoy sports, politics, and Tegan and Sara. I look forward to helping out at the Cantu any way I can!

  • Courtney

  • No alternative textHi! I'm Courtney (she/her) and I'm a fourth year sociology major. I'm the Cantú's social media & marketing intern, and in my free time I like to go to the ocean, be gay, and listen to Hilary Duff (my favorite pop princess of the early 2000's).

  • Grant

  • No alternative textHello! My name is Grant T. Williams (he/him/his), I am a third-year Legal Studies major/Film and Digital Media minor. In my role as a Programming Assistant I help plan and coordinate the events for the Lionel Cantú Queer Center! If you’re ever in the Cantú feel free to come up and say hi to me! I’m always down for a good conversation, especially if the topic involves Beyoncé.

  • Marcuz

  • No alternative textHey ya'll I'm Marcuz. Mar like Mars, cuz like wassup cuzz, so Mar-cuz but ya'll can call me Mars to make it easier for everyone :). I go by he, him/they,them pronouns. I'm one of the Advocacy and Outreach interns at the Cantu. I'm a second year double majoring in Sociology and Community Studies.  In my Sociology major I want to focus primarily in gender and sexuality but more exclusively with bisexual identified folks and also gender queer folks. While working at the Cantu I want to bring more representation and programs for the bisexual students on campus. If you ever wanna talk about moods, piercings & tattoos, life, or just weird and random stuff come find me at the Cantu or walking around Kresge or Oakes. BTW my sun sign is Sagittarius, both my rising and moon signs are Cancer. I hope to see ya'll at the Cantu!

  • Chelsea

  • No alternative textChelsea Rebeca Trujillo Ariza (she/they) is continuing her 3rd year as a Latin American and Latino Studies major. She is openly queer, openly bipolar, and openly a Scorpio sun. Aside from being a student, and a Cantu Outreach & Advocacy Intern, Chelsea is an self-made artist, poet, and dancer. If you want to support this Renaissance Chicanx, check out, or come talk to them during their shift!