Peer Education Program

Does your org/club/staff want to better support the queer and trans community? We're here to help! The LGBTQ+ Peer Education Program is a team of peer educators that offer workshops on all things gender, sexuality, and intersecting identities!

About Us

The Peer-to-Peer Education Program, created by the Cantú Queer Resource Center, strives to educate the campus community about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, plus (LGBTQIA+) topics and issues. This program’s focus is to educate students about LGBTQIA+ topics, which incorporates intersectional identities, like race and class, and issues on our campus in a peer to peer facilitation. The goal of the Peer Education program is to create spaces on campus where Queer and Trans students can feel safe in their identities and supported by other students.

We pursue this goal by providing peer-led workshops and trainings. These workshops provide students an opportunity to learn about LGBTQIA+ intersectional identities, topics, and issues in a structured environment. Each workshop is led by a team of Peer Educators who tailor the facilitation to their audience. Past workshops have included: navigating the gender binary, a coming out panel, gender and sexuality mapping, queer sex ed, pronouns, asexuality, and many more. We also pride ourselves in our ability to create new workshops specific to the needs of an organization or campus unit.

Requesting a Workshop

To request a workshop, please use this request form.

Once submitted, a Peer Educator will contact you to set up a meeting to go over the details of your request. In the meeting, we will determine what learning outcomes you wish to achieve and how to best meet them. Our Peer Educators will discuss possible activities with you and decide if it is appropriate to use an activity already in our repertoire or if new content should be created. Please allow two weeks minimum in between the submission of the workshop request form and the actual workshop/training in order to give our Peer Educators enough time to prepare a well organized and thorough workshop.

For questions/concerns contact

LGBTQIA+ Peer Education Team 

Professional Staff

Travis Becker (he/him & they/them)

Director, Lionel Cantú Resource Center


Ky Valentín Borunda (he/him/his)

Trans Education Specialist



Lead Peer Educators

Meryem (she/her/hers)



Nako (they/them/theirs)