Services for Faculty & Staff

Student Advising: The Lionel Cantú Queer Resource Center functions as a vital resource for LGBTQIA+ UCSC students. Faculty refer students to Center staff to assist LGBTQ and emerging students with resolving personal issues that negatively impact their academic performance and jeopardize graduation. Center staff provides assessment of and referrals to appropriate campus/off-campus resources.

Co-curricular Programming: The Center sponsors a wide range of co-curricular programs, offering multicultural and gender/sexuality based education in an exceptionally supportive and stimulating environment. Many events allow for faculty and student engagement. Faculty members are invited to present their work in various gatherings throughout the academic year.

LGBTQ Library: 3,000 volumes of LGBTQ-themed non-fiction, fiction, and poetry supplement the more academic collection at McHenry Library. Materials may be checked out for 3 week periods. The Center also subscribes to numerous LGBTQ magazines and newspapers.

Student Study Space: Faculty refer students to the Center’s cozy lounge and study center, complete with Mac computers. Students receive basic research help from Center staff.

Guest Lecturers: The Center staff members are knowledgeable about a range of LGBTQ topics and are frequent lecturers in campus courses. 

LGBTQ Contacts: Faculty frequently makes use of the Center staff’s expertise on LGBTQ matters. Staff helps faculty make connections with potential lecturers, related community organizations, relevant course materials, and web-based research sources.

Coming Out-Transitioning on the Job: Center staff works with the Equal Employment Opportunity office to facilitate faculty coming out or transitioning in their work settings.

Changing your Name and/or Gender at UCSC: Fill out the Preferred Name/Gender Request Form and submit it to the registar to have your preferred name and gender added into the UCSC system. This form will also allow you to aquire a new student I.D. card that reflects this change. Submission of this form will not change official records, such as the name that gets printed on your diploma.

If you would like to change your name and gender on the official university records, fill out the Name and Gender Change Form. This will completely change your name and gender for all university records, including your diploma. Before this form can be processed, proof of a court ordered name/gender change must be presented. To start the process of getting a court ordered name/gender change, click here.

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