All Gender Restrooms

List of All-Gender Restrooms at UCSC 

Map of All-Gender Restrooms at UCSC

Table of Gender Neutral Restrooms on CampusThe Cantú Queer Center has worked with students and campus staff to create more safe and accessible restrooms for transgender and gender queer students, staff, faculty, alumni, and UCSC visitors. The campaign to increase the number of all-gender restrooms on our campus is ongoing. The map at the bottom of this page will help you locate the current all-gender single-stall restrooms nearest to you.

If you know of single stall restrooms on campus that currently have gendered signage, please contact Cantú Queer Center Director, Travis Becker (

The term 'All-Gender Restroom' denotes restrooms that everyone is able to use, regardless of their gender identity, expression, and/or embodiment. These spaces are especially important for trans individuals, as many continue to face the threat and reality of violence when entering public restrooms. Additionally, many local and state governments have begun to propose legislation restricting trans individuals from using an affirming restroom. 

In an all-gender restroom, everyone should be able to use the toilet, wash up, do their makeup, change clothes, change their babies, and otherwise use the facility in peace. 

Additionally, everyone who needs assistance should be able to use an all-gender restroom with their family members, friends, and/or personal care attendants.  

If you choose to use an all-gender restroom, you should refrain from gender policing (e.g., scrutinizing, judging, or categorizing another person's gender).  No one should be stared at, questioned, asked to leave, or made to feel uncomfortable or out of place in an all-gender restroom!

If you are uncomfortable using an all-gender restroom, please use any other restroom available. 

If you have questions about UCSC's all-gender restrooms, please contact Cantú Queer Center Director, Travis Becker (