The Cantú Clothing Closet

The Cantú Clothing Closet is an opportunity for members of the queer and trans community to exchange clothing and accessories, including shoes, bags, hats, and jewelry, free of cost. The intention of the Clothing Closet is to provide trans and gender non-conforming students with the freedom to comfortably find clothing that reflects their gender expression without the discomfort of shopping in a traditional clothing store. 

Interested in donating? We are accepting limited donations at this time, as we have no extra storage space. Right now we are prioritizing the following types of items:

  • Larger sizes
  • Sweaters and jackets
  • Rain gear
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Purses and backpacks
Thank you for supporting us!

[Clothing rack with shelves, full of clothes and accessories]

 picture of a dress, sweater, and hat hung up with a purple background

image of clothing racks full of clothes