Coming Out

Coming Out: stories from youth at all stages of coming out, compiled by the New York Times.

I no longer apologize for who I am, and I don’t to hesitate or avoid my truths when I am around my family. They know who I am, they know the work that I do, and most of us have chosen to focus on the things that we know to be true: we love each other, we have differing beliefs in certain places, and we have the same beliefs in many others.

Coming Out To Family

Popular culture paints “coming out” as a number of steps that we have to follow. Movies like Pariah and But I’m A Cheerleader make it seem like coming into a sexuality is a “before” and “after” situation, or a huge moment when somebody finally becomes who they really are. But, just as there is no right or wrong way to “come out”, not everybody needs to have a celebrated moment of “coming out.”

Being In The Closet Doesn't Have To Be Lonely

No one is born in a closet and finally decides to come out. Closets are made in conversations. Verbal and nonverbal. At some point, we’re all asked, pressured or forced to hold back a part of ourselves. When there are people in this world who want nothing more than for someone like me to mute parts of herself (her blackness, her womanhood, her sexual orientation), some of us are faced with a choice to unapologetically be our whole self or to tuck ourselves away.

Why I No Longer Come Out


Coming Out As You

Coming Out As You is a resource from the Trevor Project to help you work through your thoughts on identity and coming out. The Trevor Project can help you navigate your own coming out experience in a safe, thoughtful way. Remember, everyone’s experience is unique! After thinking it through you may decide not to come out - and that’s ok too.

TED - Coming Out Of Your Closet

Coming out and living openly aren’t something you do once, or even for one year. It’s a journey that we make every single day of our lives. Every coming out experience is unique and must be navigated in the way most comfortable for the individual. The Coming Out Project helps LGBT, as well as straight-supportive people live openly and talk about their support for equality at home, at work and in their communities each and every day.

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