Queer & Trans People of Color Conference Workshops


The Queer & Trans People of Color Conference (QTPOCC) offers a unique space for students to explore and deconstruct the intersections of being queer, trans and a person of color. These identities impact our experiences in regards to immigration status, class, ethnicity, culture, spirituality, sexuality, gender expression, and ability, which are important to recognize and affirm as we build collaborative relationships across communities.
QTPOCC strives to empower queer and trans people of color by centering these intersectional identities through engaging workshops, discussion groups, caucuses, and captivating speakers & performers. This year's theme is "Healing and Resistance" symbolized by the aloe plant (savila), which has been used across cultures as a remedy for healing the body since before colonization.  
Resistance is nothing new to our communities. Now is the time to be more intentional about healing, both within ourselves and collectively, in order to resist in solidarity against the forces in this world that try to break our bodies, our spirits, our hearts, and our magic.


We're Here, We're Queer, We're on Stolen Land: Confronting Settler Colonialism in LGBTQIA+ Communities
Presenter: Valentin Sierra (he/him/his)

This workshop will center Two-Spirit and Queer Native experiences as we examine the pervasiveness of settler colonialism in LGBTQIA+ communities. Here, we will seek to collectively decolonize “sex,” “gender,” and “sexuality” by naming them as projects of colonization. Contextualizing stolen land in North America, we will examine the many problems perpetuated in the shaping of Queer and Trans* identities and politics for their ties to Indigenous erasure. In this workshop, we will seek to radically grow and come together in solidarity as we imagine a more conscious liberation rooted in Native sovereignty. All are welcome!

How the Model Minority Myth Perpetuates Anti-Blackness and Settler Colonialism
Presenter: Satveer Kler (they/they/theirs)

This workshop will focus on how discussions of the model minority myth can perpetuate anti-blackness and settler colonialism. The concepts will be defined and we will look at them in relation to how they exist in theory and how daily practices reinforce them. There will also be a focus on coalitions and engagements that do not reinforce these constructs and what those look like.

Luscious Vogue
Presenter: Prince Dante Lauren (they/them/theirs)

Vogue, Voguing, Performance, or Presentation, is a dance that emerged in New York City's underground Ballroom Scene culture of drag, runway walking, fashion, and body realness. Since the 1980's it has become a global phenomenon and practice. In workshop we we will review and werk the FIVE ELEMENTS OF VOGUE, build our confidence and body strength, break a sweat, learn fabulous choreography, and create Fierce dance phrases to whip out whenever we feel a beat! Additionally, this workshop will focus our exploration of vogue on how, through embodying realness, we bring forth our Fierce Corporeal Resilience to protest and reject oppression, while also making space for the resurgence of our QTPOC life. Let's Tear up the Runway!

Coming In Stories: Black, Brown, & Out- closed space for QTPOC folks
Presenters: Nathan M. Karas (he/him/his) & Ana Lujan (she/her/hers)

A space to center QTPOC folk to share their coming in stories with other QTPOC with affirmations in regards to their sexual and gender identities.

The Space Inbetween: A Space for Mixed/Multiracial Individuals- closed space for mixed/multiracial QTPOC and white passing QTPOC
Presenter: Nathan M. Karas (he/him/his)

Talking about being mixed/multiracial and queer/trans, creating a space for multiracial poc folks and white passing/white passing mixed folks. We will be uplifting all mixed identities and breaking down what it means to be white passing while navigating a mixed identity.

Black Queer Self-Care- closed space for Black LGBTQ+ folks
Presenters: Evolve Benton (they/them) & Kiara Lee (she/her)

In this interactive workshop participants will have the opportunity to honor black resilience and take time to honor their own journeys through self-care, art making, alter building, meditation and community celebration. This is a closed space for black LGBTQ plus folks.

Using Art as a Form of Healing and Resistance
Presenters: Whitney Kitty (she/her/hers)

In this workshop, we will be talking about themes of identity in the art that one creates and how that can intersect with healing and resistance. Attendees of this workshop will be invited to discuss or come up with ideas about taking their own experiences that create their identity, empowering them to create something that is uniquely theirs. 

This workshop is open to everyone. Because art by nature can be vulnerable, we ask that you remain respectable of the safe space and the experiences that may be shared.

Out of the Shadows, and Out of the Closet- closed space for those who identify as undocumented and/or part of a mixed status family
Presenters: Ulises Hernandez (he/him/his) & Ana Lujan (she/her/hers)

This workshop will tackle the intersection of holding a queer identity and being undocumented, and navigating the world through those lenses. This workshop/space will be specific and private for students who hold these identities to talk and unpack xenophobia within the LGBTQ+ community and homophobia and or transphobia within the undocu community.

Healing Wounds from Toxic Environments Through Our Connections With Plantcestors
Presenter: Adriana Renteria (she/her & they/them)

In this workshop we’ll explore how as trans &/or queer people of color we are disproportionately impacted by environmental racism and on top of that, we often face micro/macro aggressions and violence in non-QTPOC spaces. The second part of the workshop will explore how we can use our plantcestors to help us heal wounds created by these toxic environments, regain our strength, and find balance through our ancestral connections to land, plants, herbs, and flowers. By reflecting on/with our plantcestors, we are able to tap into and embrace our innate magic as queer &/or trans people of color.

QTPOC in the Field: Loving What You Do And Being Who You Are
Presenter: Lylliam Posadas (he/she/they)

This session is centered on uplifting the healing that happens when we do the work we love and are able to follow our dreams into our chosen paths. It is also about working with one another to resist the racism, isolation, transphobia, and homophobia that attempt to get in the way of us reaching our full potential. A space for people who have ever felt like they need to choose between doing what they love and being who they are. Connect with others, find support, and build change so we don’t ever have to choose between the two.

Decolonizing Sexual Intimacy: Reframing Trauma Around Sex and Exploring the Gateway of Pleasure to Loving our Bodies- closed space for QTPOC folks
Presenter: Kayla Chambers & Gina Ali

Reclaiming sex outside of a white-cis-heteronormative lens and creating conversation on how to incorporate sexual health and wellness products to promote healthy sexual boundaries. This workshop will highlight the importance of unlearning concepts that perpetuate and produce feelings of shame, guilt, and exclusion; as well as relearning and exploring our own self-fulfilling narrative of how we express ourselves sexually. We aim to create a dialogue and space for QTPOC folks to talk about sex from a sex positive position and focus on pleasure rather than the trauma we are conditioned to around sex.

Name, Reclaim, Love- closed space for transmasculine identified folks
Presenter: Jaden Fields (he/him/his)

A closed space for transmasculine identified folks to gain tools to better navigate dysphoria with self-love.

If You Got it Flaunt it: Embracing Your Disability
Presenter: Yolanda Vargas (she/her/hers)

In today's society it is becoming more more socially to celebrate being part of marginalized communities such as the Queer/ trans, and racial/ethnic minority groups. Yet, if you have a disability you are exptected be ashamed of it or you should hide it (Especially in QT BIPOC spaces). In this workshop we will discuss why that is, how we can change it on an individual level, and how it can be changed on a societal level.And why having a positive disability identity is important.

Pan Dulce Platica; Queer Xicanx/Latinx chisme- closed space for Xicanx/Latinx LGBTQIA+ folx
Presenters: Maribel Gomez (she/her/hers) & Karla M. Zabaleta Hinojosa (they/them/theirs)

This workshop conversation will address how culturally relevant talking circles centering language, music, and food as medicine, can create decolonial spaces for community visibility, support, and healing.

Queerness in West Asia & North Africa- closed space for SWANA Folx
Presenter: Ali Soleimani (they/them/theirs)

This workshop is a closed space for SWANA folks to talk about their identities and their experiences being trans & queer. We will be reviewing the SWANA region and its history and diversity. We will also use the space to heal, discuss, and connect with others over both similarities and differences.

For questions or more information please contact ucscqtpocc@gmail.com