Incoming Students

Coming to college is both an exciting and scary transition. For many students, it also presents the first time to explore and become more expressive about their gender and sexuality. UC Santa Cruz presents many options to ease into these transitions. The Cantú Queer Center provides a safe space for students to come with their questions.

Here's a great article about how UCSC Supports Its Queer-Identified and Questioning Students as well as a vlog on 'how to be gay in college'.

Every Fall and Winter Quarter, the Cantú Queer Center has undergraduate and graduate student mixers. Students come from all over campus to introduce themselves, show off the various queer student organizations they belong to and of course enjoy the delicious food. Students often quickly make new friends at the Cantú and the more involved they become with the organizations or the center itself, the sooner the Cantu Queer Center becomes their home away from home.

The BEST way to stay connected with queer events and programs at UCSC and in the Santa Cruz community is to subscribe to QConnect--our weekly queer news!

The Santa Cruz County Community Foundation has established eight academic scholarships and one wilderness adventure award for Santa Cruz County high school students planning to attend college.
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