NorCal T-Camp

NorCal T-Camp: Information for T-Camp 2020 to come Winter Quarter 2020

This event is for college students who are trans, transgender, nonbinary, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, gender questioning, gender fluid, and/or elsewhere or outside of the gender spectrum. 

T-Camp is an intercampus retreat to explore gender identity and expression and to engage in dialogue with our peers. This event is specifically for students who are transgender, genderqueer, or gender questioning (TGQQ). Retreat facilitators include transgender and genderqueer community members, as well as campus LGBT resource professionals. We encourage you to apply for T-Camp if:

  • You are a TGQQ-identified college student
  • You wish to explore your own gender identity/expression and engage in dialogue with others
  • You wish to build community with your peers across multiple campuses and experiences
  • You wish to gain knowledge regarding trans issues, self-care and wellness, and accessing resources and support

For questions contact the NorCal T-Camp Planning Committee at


TCamp 2019

NorCal T Camp 2019 Save The Date Flyer